Warmup Process improves your Server IP reputation that you are going to use to send mail in bulk. Initially server ip's are natural but as per the IP's behaviour they flagged as poor or good. If you are sending mail without Email authentication, to non-targeted audiences, on hard bounces.. your IP's will be blacklisted soon and your mails will stop to deliver.

Email Authentications are important to determine if the origin of the mail and sender is genuine. These are a few Terms SPF, DKIM, DMARC, RDNS these are the important part of Email authentications. When the sender is genuine Inbox delivery chances increased. otherwise mails lend to the spam box all the time. for Inbox delivery Email authentications plays a crucial part. but for inbox delivery there are many other factors too.

You can use this service when you have bought your list from anyone or downloaded from any other sources and now you are not sure how much data is still active in this list so we verify the Email address and clean your list by just giving your active and valid email address. It's very useful when you want to start Marketing and don't want to get blacklisted.

Mailing Friendly Servers are normal servers but these have some extra benefits when you are used to sending mail in bulk. You are allowed to send the mails as much as you want but as per server capacity you choose those are included in plans. For More information just ask us.